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    In February 2017, CMIE proposed brand development goal of "Centennial CMIE".
    In March 2016, China MachineryInternational Engineering and Technology R & D Center was established.
    In 2013, Phase One of the first international EPC project of Maldives was completed and delivered.
    In January 2011, it was renamed to China Machinery International Engineering Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd (CMIE).

    Changsha office site
    In 2007, it completed the reorganization with CMEC, a subsidiary of SINOMACH, in preparation for listing in Hong Kong.
    In 2004, entered China Machinery Industry Group Co., Ltd. (Fortune 500 companies, referred to as SINOMACH).
    In 2001, it was renamed as a "science and technology enterprise" by a PSU and renamed as "CSIC International Engineering Design and Research Institute".
    In 1978, moved to Changsha, where today's headquarters.
    In October 1969, preparedness evacuated to Xiangtan City, Hunan Province.
    At the beginning of 1958, a machine department, a second machine department and a motor department were merged. It was renamed as the eighth design institute of the First Machinery Industry Department by the motor design institute and moved to Beijing from northeast Shenyang to Xi'an The seventh Ministry of Industry Design Institute) and Shenyang Branch (later separated into Shenyang Institute of Electrical and Mechanical Design).

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    In May 1956, the State Motor Manufacturing Industry Department was established. The Fourth Design Branch of the Design Bureau of the First Machinery Department was changed to the Design Institute of the Ministry of Motor Manufacturing Industry.
    Early 1953, the country's first Ministry of Machinery Industry was established, the Design Office renamed the first Design Bureau of the Ministry of Machinery Industry Fourth Design Branch.

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    May 5, 1951 Dongbei People's Government Electric Industrial Design Bureau was officially established, the company was born.