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18000kW motor test station of Shanghai Motor

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Project: 18000kW motor test station of Shanghai Motor
Project scale: investment of project technology and equipment is more than 0.1 billion yuan, occupying an area of nearly 2000 square meters. It is mainly for test of large motors, super large motors and ultra large motors. Direct load test capacity of motorsis 18000kW with the largest indirect liability test capacity of 35000kW in the country. Test capacity and technological level is leading at domestic level and advanced at international level.
Test power supply is 2x25000kWpower supply of medium voltage static frequency conversion, test transformer is 2x25000kVA. In the motor testing industry, it is the first time to use large capacity inverter and transformer.
Time of completion: designed in 2013 and put into trial operation in 2014.
Project location: Shanghai Electric Works Co., Ltd.
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