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Test station of Lingang 1800MW turbine generator of Shanghai Electric

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Project: Test system of Lingang 1800MW turbine generator

Project scale: investment of project technology and equipment is 170 million yuan, occupying an area of 6688 square meters with 650 tons of cranes. It can meet the test requirements of 600MW-1800MWsuper-large thermal and nuclear turbine generator, and also meet the factory test requirement of up to 2500MW turbine generator.
1800MW-class turbine generator system is currently the largest domestic turbine test station, one of the world's largest turbo-generator test stations. Its testing capabilities and technical level reached international advanced level.
Time of completion: 2006. In 2009, it was put into trial operation and passed inspection in 2010.
Project location: Shanghai Electric Group Lingang Heavy Machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd.
Project honor:
The project has obtained three copyrights of computer software issued by the State Copyright Bureau of the People's Republic of China:
2009SR057893 Large Turbine Type Test System V1.0
2009SR057891 Motor High Voltage Withstand Test and Measurement System V1.0
2012SR041253 CMIE Synchronous Motor Transient Data Analysis Software V1.0
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