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In terms of industrial engineering, CMIE has made outstanding achievements with a great number of the state’s backbone enterprises of traditional electrical trade including Harbin Electric Corporation, Dongfang Electric Corporation and Shanghai Electric Generation Group. Together with innumerable great achievements in construction machinery, transportation equipment, nonferrous metallurgy, new energy equipment, new materials, automobiles and parts and other industries, it has formed new competitive advantages.
International engineering
In terms of civil structures, CMIE has full service chain capabilities from planning to design, landscape, and architectural decoration. It has built brand advantages in a dozen of civil building fields: hospitals, schools, hotels, office, business, finance, sports, culture, ancient architectures, museums, residence etc.
Ningxiang County People's Hospital
In terms of municipal engineering, CMIE has strong technical strength and abundant achievements regarding engineering consulting, engineering design and engineering investigation, engineering survey, etc. in municipal water supply and drainage, household refuse, kitchen waste, medical waste treatment, urban gas, municipal roads and bridges etc.
Municipal engineering
In terms of environmental engineering, CMIE has technical features and rich experience regarding engineering design, engineering general contracting, environmental impact assessment etc. in prevention and control of water pollution, solid waste disposal, noise control, prevention and control of atmospheric pollution, pollution remediation etc.
Power engineering
In terms of power engineering, CMIE has good performance through characteristic management in business areas like photovoltaic engineering, distributed energy engineering, heating, power transmission and transformation engineering, gas turbine power plants, diesel engine power plants. Having completed over 100 electric engineering designs of various kinds, CMIE has accumulated rich experience in international power engineering design.
In terms of international engineering business, through the combination of resources and scientific management, CMIE explored the operation mode suitable for all kinds of international projects. Conducting business in more than 30 countries and regions all over the world, covering industrial manufacturing, energy, transportation, petrochemical, municipal engineering, housing, and other fields, CMIE has made effective development of the international market.